Movimiento Sole Types


sole types


ErgoFlex: Super Comfortable Sole with Suede Cover
This is a superb option for those who prefer feeling the ground perfectly with feather-weight tango shoes. You will feel as if they are not there! 

It is a good choice for experienced milongueras & milongueros and professionals. It is perfect for glamorous performances as it allows the ultimate flexibility and points & flexes.

This sole provides a good grip on the surface thanks to its suede cover, but has much less friction than neolyte soles. We use one layer of cushioning in this sole type to let you feel the ground as much as possible for a perfect and natural feeling of balance.   

It is ideal to use this type of sole on a dance floor. Non-ideal surfaces (concrete, outdoors, etc.) may damage this sole quickly. It is a performance tool; a very good and elegant choice for intense dancing. 

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Standard Sole: Neolyte Rubber
Neolyte is a durable, rubber-based material that provides a firm but elastic structure. When compared to hard leather, neolyte is much more elastic, more ergonomic, comfortable and it is suitable for long hours of dancing.

It is a good choice for beginners, experienced milongueras & milongueros and professionals. Neolyte, unlike leather, is also good at enduring a certain level of wetness/humidity. 

This sole has a good grip on the surface, but also allows pivots easily. It works well with the cushioning to support your feet.   
Additionally, neolyte is also good for dancing on non-ideal, non-wood surfaces as it is both durable and provides an ideal level of friction. 

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