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Precise steps, concentrated bodies, smooth, practiced repetitions. And with it all, a lightweight, comfortable shoe that can keep up with you during all your training needs. Down-to-earth, sporty, focused on the essentials – that’s the simple SUNY dance sneaker by Anna Kern, available for both women and men. As a second shoe for training, it wins points for its sporty design, casual look and unpretentious air. Made of lightweight, breathable mesh material, it hugs the foot comfortably for a perfect fit. Its PU sole has two parts (split-sole) for superior flexibility and a flat heel, so controlled turns during training are a breeze. Men and women can wear the same casual models while still benefiting from an individual feminine or masculine fit. SUNY by Anna Kern is the modern dance sneaker that adds a sporty twist to any training session, from salsa to kizomba and from bachata to rueda.

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