Nueva Epoca

Argentine tango is passion brought to life through dance. The rhythm of the music sparks intense communication between dance partners: every movement a statement. Extravagant and supple – the ideal shoe is as elegant as the dance itself. It provides support where necessary and offers freedom for boundless, spirited expression when the dance and the partners demand it. The models in the Nueva Epoca collection reflect the joy of Italian design with exquisite details and striking colours with assertive lines. The trendsetters in the Nueva Epoca collection are made by hand in Italy, using traditional methods. Painstakingly selected materials include kid leather as soft as gloves, breathable leather linings, a flexible latex midsole and shock-absorbing heel, all providing an incomparable feel both during wearing and dancing. The high-quality suede sole allows for easy, controllable turns and gliding on the dance floor. It’s a new era in dance – in more than just looks!