Bandolera B8 Red Flower

Bandolera Tango The Italian Dance shoe company, Every Bandolera shoe is built to provide support for dancers with a unique cushioned lining that doesn't alter its shape with time. This reduces the stress on tender feet and inspires extravagant praise. Some dancers say, Its like dancing in socks.

One of the most fascinating of all dances, the tango is a sensual ballroom dance that originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the early twentieth century. Tango is usually performed by a man and a woman, expressing an element of romance in their synchronized movements. Originally, the tango was performed only by women, but once it spread beyond Buenos Aires, it developed into a dance for couples.

The popularity of the tango has greatly increased over the years. Argentine Tango is much more intimate than Modern Tango, and is well-suited to dancing in small settings. Argentine Tango retains the intimacy of the