Anna Kern for Salsa

So this weekend has been one of the biggest in the salsa calendar: the Mambo City five star congress.  And, short of pulling my hamstring a few days before, I was pretty darn prepared.  My room-mate Mambo Delight and I were all set for salsa heaven, which got me thinking about congress essentials.  So here are a few things we could not have done without (take note, congress-goers):

And here they are, in all their boxfresh glory.  Let me tell you a bit about these shoes.  I have been longing for some boot-style shoes,  these Anna Kern shoes really fit the bill.  Snazzy, but they go with plenty of stuff.  I think the heel is 2.75″, and is patent leather, as is the zip-up heel.  For those who aren’t in the know, it seems to me that Anna Kern is the edgier, younger, slightly more tango/salsa-focussed offshoot of classic and well-respected brand Werner Kern.  I ordered these shoes from, who delivered in less than 10 days, and seem to carry a very good range including Nueva Epoca, Rummos and Portdance.